So-called ultrasound systems are used for example for fast and efficient removal of production residues on small parts or smaller equipment and installations. The company MEA is a specialist in ultrasonic cleaning systems, which finds its application for example in the field of surface treatment for subsequent coatings. In Haan near Dusseldorf has MEA machine as ultrasonic equipment manufacturers and manufacturers cleaning systems established. Focusing on metal cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning systems and cleaning systems for surface treatment MEA machines for the subregion Oberflächentechnik Haan is regionally known, but also to international markets and for its customers on the spot. Professional service, expertise and know-how from many years, particularly in the field of ultrasonic cleaning systems and generally with regard to surface technology, distinguishes the company MEA.

Ultrasound systems from professionals at excellent rates which you find at MEA machines. Get professional advice on the subject of ultrasonic cleaning systems, call un to be happy or send us an email. Of course you can also easily use our contact form. The team of MEA from the range ultrasound systems is looking forward to your inquiry.

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