The company MEA is among others an established many years renowned ultrasound equipment manufacturers, thus also cleaning systems manufacturers and as professionellerHersteller for cleaning plants for surface treatment, known.
As ultrasound equipment manufacturer it is our duty to offer not only professional equipment at affordable prices, but also the respective associated service. Is exactly what distinguishes us and sets us apart from many other companies in the industry. The expertise that the company MEA mitgibt its customers and provides, resulting in high customer satisfaction and recurring orders and recommendations. A better praise of our customers as ultrasound equipment manufacturer, we can not wünschen.Zudem but we have specialized as ultrasound equipment manufacturers not only in ultrasound equipment, but also on the entire range of metal cleaning and surface technology. With the segment surface technology Haan we offer our regional customers the best service and accessibility. But also for our national and international customers, we offer advice and assistance, both via email and phone.

MEA – your ultrasound equipment manufacturers from NRW. Coming full customer satisfaction is our motto.

If you as an ultrasonic cleaning systems have questions for us manufacturers, so we look forward to your message. Call us or use our Kontaktformular.MEA machines is your ultrasound equipment manufacturers of trust and right in your neighborhood.

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