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Aqueous Metal Parts and Surface Cleaning Systems Metal cleaning can be performed by various means, however, with the MEA range of equipment, metal parts are cleaned by a combination of immersion and rigorous agitation and by jet cleaning and spray washing.

Proven solutions for all your cleaning problems! Our comprehensive range of producs and services include:

  1. Tank Style Immersion-Agitation Parts Cleaning Equipment (vibration and ultrasonic Cleaning): Degreaser, Degreasing Equipment.
  2. Multi-Spray Single Cabinet Parts Washers: Front Loading Multi Spraying Single Cabinet Washer and Gyro-Rotating Roto-Jet Spraying Washers for larger centralised cleaning stations, Compact Top Loading Spraying Washing Equipments for working Place.
  3. Cylindrical Screw Feed Parts Washing Machines (Drum Washer): Mini Cylindrical Screw Feed Washing Machines.
  4. Horizontal Tunnel Conveyor Style Parts Washing Machines

Specially Designed Custom Made Order installations – Factory Automation (FA) Cleaning Systems