Welcome to MEA Maschinen

We have been a manufacturer of cleaning systems for 50 years. One of our focal points is metal cleaning. With our cleaning systems on aqueous basis we realize all possible processes for surface treatment such as cleaning, phosphating, passivating, debonding, pickling, preserving and paint stripping. Therefore you will find us as a regional supplier under surface treatment Haan, in the Düsseldorf area.

You will also find our experience in parts cleaning. We have designed and implemented numerous cleaning systems for surface treatment. The integration of the cleaning process into the working process (inline) or the loading and unloading by handling devices or robots is becoming increasingly important.

In addition to the semi-automatic and automatic cleaning and treatment processes, our standard program includes machines and systems that provide great service in the daily cleaning of tools and parts, e.g. from maintenance or repair. The systems clean quickly, inexpensively and without complication.

On our internet pages you will always find the right machine or plant for your needs. We develop custom-fit drum washing systems, continuous systems, immersion washing systems and chamber washing systems. As a manufacturer of ultrasonic systems we also offer ultrasonic systems. We are the expert for surface technology in Haan.

We are happy to offer you our detailed advice and are looking forward to providing you with a solution to your problem.

Our main and subject areas once again for you at a glance:
– Metal cleaning
– Ultrasonic systems
– Ultrasonic systems manufacturer
– Regionally the surface technology division Haan
– We are manufacturer for cleaning systems
– Specialized in cleaning systems for surface treatment