A system for does not exist, the appropriate machine, plant or process can be determined only after clarification of all parameters.


  • Repair parts in small and manageable rate are the application field of workplace equipment (top loading)
  • Larger parts or workpieces from a production require a chamber or continuous system.
  • Bulk materials or products that may touch each other, are cleaned in a drum continuous system in a single- or multi-stage process.
  • Workpieces with complex surface or sides exhaustively suitable for a Rhönrad ventilation or purification system, which works with diving, turning and kinetic energy
  • If a precision cleaning required due to pigment dirt or particularly hardened workpieces, we use ultrasound equipment by dipping or a combination of a continuous system with drying
  • Drying is carried out by an air drying or Abblastrockung Here we work with a side channel compressor. The drying is integrated into the attachments, if required and necessary.