We are manufacturers of industrial cleaning systems for metal parts cleaning and surface treatment – for example for degreasing, phosphating, passivation, preservation, pickling, paint stripping and decoating. We wash bulk goods, bulk materials, pressed parts and workpieces of various sizes.

The basic component of our cleaning agents is water. Our plants work with multi-stage washing solutions without CHC/KW.

Our machines cover the entire spectrum of industrial cleaning and include smaller washing devices as well as complete cleaning systems. We develop special systems both as decentralised and centralised washing units to integrate cleaning into your production and work processes in the best possible way.

We use chamber washers, top loading washing units, gyro rotating spray washers, drum washers, ultrasonic washers, belt washers and immersion washers to solve your specific cleaning requirements. We would be pleased to make you an individual offer!


With the immersion washing process and the spray washing process we work with two different cleaning techniques:

Immersion washing machines are used in production and maintenance where a dipping process is necessary due to the range of parts and the surface to be cleaned. The cleaning effect can be supported by vibration and ultrasonic technology.

Spray washing processes are used in various plants:

  • Chamber washing machines are used in pre-, intermediate and final cleaning when both light and stubborn surface soiling is to be removed. In the case of multi-bath versions, further operations such as rinsing and phosphating are possible.
  • Drum washing machines are used in production plants for the continuous cleaning of workpieces such as screws, bolts, ball bearings, valves, sleeves and drawn parts made of steel, brass and aluminium.
  • Belt washing machines are used for continuous cleaning when maximum productivity with relatively short treatment time is required.

Through special designs and special installations of all described processes we ensure that you always have the right equipment and machines available.


With our washing systems we achieve an excellent cleaning result and do not lose sight of the costs. Environmentally conscious action is important to us. For more than 50 years we have been active in the engineering, production, sales and service of water-based cleaning systems and contribute to environmental protection by dispensing with polluting chemicals. An example:

Chamber washing machine reduces solvent consumption

The European VOC Directive affects all companies that paint metals or plastics if they operate a paint shop or paint booth; or companies that clean the surface before painting in a corresponding facility. The 31st BImschV (German Federal Immission Control Ordinance) contains the measures to be taken and essentially regulates the reduction of solvents to a prescribed quantity of no more than 1 tonne/year.

In order to reduce the consumption of approximately 15 tons of solvent per year, a well-known manufacturer of metal saws decided to use a chamber washing system from the company „MEA Maschinen“. In this type of machine welded constructions up to 6.500 mm length, 2.500 height and 2.000 mm depth can be washed, rinsed and dried.

The machine, completely made of stainless steel, has an automatic parts transport device for a load of up to 4,000 kg. As „MEA Maschinen“ informs, it is possible to supply equipment for cleaning even larger parts – each machine is built for individual needs.

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