Belt Washing Machine

Cleaning technology:

  • The parts to be cleaned are transported with a conveyor belt through the zones of the washing plant such as washing, rinsing and drying. They are loaded by hand or by a robot. Cleaning is carried out by means of spray nozzles which apply cleaning fluid to the parts on all sides.

Field of use:

  • Belt washing machines are used to clean parts which, due to their nature, are not treated as bulk material, as they must not come into contact with other parts, but must be cleaned from all sides. These machines are used, for example, in the automotive industry for cleaning bearing housings, engine blocks or similar workpieces.

Design Features:

  • belt widths from 200 mm up to 2,000 mm
  • Single or double band technique
  • Single-tank or multi-tank version
  • The number and type of treatment zones is determined by the requirements of the workpiece (e.g. cleanliness class)
  • Loading and unloading manually or automatically (e.g. by robot)
  • Automatically controlled washing program (timer and weekly program)
  • Heating device with temperature monitoring by thermostat control
  • Stainless steel design and full insulation


  • Oil separation system
  • Vapor condenser
  • Filter systems
  • Integration into the production process via SPS control
  • On request, monitoring of the system via modem by the manufacturer